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Ayria upcoming shows in Atlanta & Toronto!

Update from Ayria Land...

AYRIA LIVE:  Labour Day Weekend Sept 2-5th: Atlanta, GA Live @ Dragon*Con

I wanted to let you know that Ayria will be performing at 2011's Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA this Labour Day weekend (September 2 - September 5). I'll be there for the entire weekend to have fun and meet people with our performance scheduled for 12:00 Midnight on Sunday night (technically Monday morning since it starts at Midnight) in the Mariott Maquis Atrium Ballroom.

Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US and I'm honoured and excited to get to be a part of this event again for the second time!
Full Details are here: http://www.dragoncon.org/

If you're attending Dragon*Con, you may already know that Ayria was booked for this show with very short notice, so I need all the help pulling this off as I can get so again, I'm reaching out to those interested in volunteering to help at the merch table selling stuff at an event that runs 24/7 for 3 days! if you're interested in helping me at all, please send a direct email to jennifer@ayria.com for more information

All merch table helpers will be compensated, with a free signed copy sent to them of the upcoming "Plastic Makes Perfect" when it's released (still TBA and in production currently)
Either way, I hope you stop by to say hi at least. It should be a wicked fun weekend! See the attached Flyer and feel free to help spread the word!

Ayria Live:  Sunday October 16th: Toronto, CAN Live @ EBMfest 2011

I'm so excited to be playing my hometown of Toronto again at this awesome event combining all great bands! This will be a fun night. Plus, I finally get to play one of my favourite venues in the city, the Mod Club! I've seen so many great bands there, and now I get to take the stage there too! Can't wait. The show is all ages and early, so expect to see the whole Parkin family attending! See link for full details and where to purchase tickets in store and on-line.

Progress on the new CD: "Plastic Makes Perfect"
It's still in production, we've had some delays mainly due to scheduling issues this year, but it's coming along. I hope to be able to announce the first single soon.. Sorry for the wait everyone, but I appreciate your patience. I just love torturing you with anticipation of what's to come with this fourth release ;)

Much love,

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New Merchandise Available – 2010 Tour Merch

I’m happy to announce that the 2010 Tour merchandise is now available online.  Please note, this merch will also be available at our upcoming shows too! Check out the Plastik Wrap Items!  This was a new collaboration to bring you guys some very unique items that you don’t see on every merch table and you may have seen me wearing the gloves on stage during the last tour! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get professional pictures of ALL the items as of yet (ties, bicep armbands, and hot pants) but I didn’t want that to delay me offering these items to you so I apologize that the photos for these items aren’t the best but  new pictures will come soon!


Your feedback is appreciated!  I’d love to know what you guys think of the items and what you’d like to see in the future!

Much love,


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US Tour Blog #1 – Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago

Ayria and Project Pitchfork on the Road:

June 15th – 20th Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago

Jenn in Minneapolis, June 15th 2010

Jenn in Minneapolis, June 15th 2010

That’s me with the Minneapolis sky line behind me.  I flew into Minneapolis on Tuesday, June 15th and met up with my new keyboardist for this tour Kevin, a nice Irish boy from Atlanta who is aparently second cousins with Collin Farell.. but we’ve decide to call him Wolfgang Hans-Hemut as Peter from Project Pitchfork thought he needed a German name for this tour to fit in more (Oh how I love breaking in the new guy!).  We made our way to the hotel and waited for everyone to arrive from various parts of the world.  Mike drove up to the hotel a few hours later with our van and trailer, he’d made the trip all the way from Seattle. A few hours after that, the guys from Project Pitchfork (headliner band, members: Peter, Achim, Jurgen, Axxle) all arrived from Germany  (Hamburg and Berlin). Our kickoff show was in Minneapolis, MN the following night and that show did not disappoint!  The crowd brought all of their energy that night and danced until the last song had been played.  I got to meet a lot of new people as well as greet familiar faces who I’d seen at so many of our shows before.  Apparently, my gay fanbase tells me that “Lady Gaga is out, and Ayria is in!” which made me laugh pretty hard. They also thank me for adding Kevin the keyboardist as some eye candy to the show ;)   It was a great show to start this month long tour and to get me back in the mindset of being on the road.  Besides a spontaneous 3 show stint with VNV Nation back in March (which was amazingly fun but brief), I haven’t actually toured since I got home in January after the month and a half long tour with the Cruxshadows.  Switching gears back into touring mode.

The next day, we had off due to a last minute cancellation in Champaign, IL which was disappointing, since last time we were there, I recall was quite fun!  We ended up in a city called Mauston, WI and had our first official tour family dinner in a typical American diner where everything came smothered in cheese.  The second show was Milwaukee.  We played at the Miramar Theatre and this show, has so far been my absolute favourite of the tour.  Some nights, a band is lucky enough to have everything click and that night, for me it did.  The sound was totally flawless, the energy of the crowd was insane, and I just felt the show went off so perfectly for me personally. Then the after party at club anything, where I fear I’m starting to get a bit of a party girl reputation there (haha)  but we had a lot of fun and want to thank everyone that came out and supported both bands in Milwaukee.

Chicago! What can I say about Chicago.  It’s always amazing to play there.  We played at a venue called the Abbey and I have a bit of a story about that place since it reminds me of the first time I’d ever been to Chicago.  Back on my very first tour ever with Razed In Black and Glis, we were booked to play a show there but they had already booked a local act to play that show, and therefore Ayria wasnt’ given a slot since we were ‘unknown’ then, so I just hung out that night and didn’t get to play.  I think of our crowd reaction there last night reminds me how far I’ve come since then! I really hope someone got footage of “The Gun Song”  and posts it.  A girl in the front row brought a pink toy gun and busted it out for that song and handed it to me!  I was actually going to bring my blinged up gun from the “Hearts For Bullets” cover on this tour, but didn’t want to risk travelling with it through homeland security as I’ve had problems even with bringing a “bullet belt” in the past.  Thank you Chicago, despite a few sound issues and the venue being a million degrees (my face was melting off through the set), we had such a fun night! We recommend the fish and chips dinner at the Abbey Pub!  I would have loved to have gone to the after party at Neo, but we were pretty tired that night,  so we chose to get some rest at the hotel.

I’ve written this post while in the van, driving to Pittsburgh.  We’ve been fortunate to stop for full breakfasts at amazing little dinners almost every day so far.. Project Pitchfork guys are amazingly cool, I can’t understand a word they are saying when they go into “German Mode”, this tour is being dominated by the latest scores of the World Cup games, but it’s all good and we are already all bonding and becoming the dysfunctional tour family that always happens on the road when you’re forced to share confined spaces, all meals, and long drives.

I’ll see some of you soon I hope!? Lots more shows to go!

Much love from the road (currently Sandusky, Ohio)


Thanks to: Plastik Wrap for the stage clothing & merch collaboration. We spent several weeks planning out the new line for this tour and I know they worked well into the nights the week before I left, I also want to thank Neko Hair Designs for my new dreads! (they actually blend perfectly with my own colours and hair length), and Cinched Tight Corsets for the cute pink skull corset.. more pics will be featured of all these awesome collaborators and supporters.  I’ve been given more gifts along the road from other awesome and talented designers that I’ll be wearing and promoting too and  I can’t thank you guys enough!

Here’s a video filmed in Chicago yesterday morning before we left:

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T-Shirts and Draw For a Prize June 1st!

I will be leaving on tour soon (in 3 weeks!).  I currently have a few left of each style and size of the Hearts For Bullets ”Gun Crest” shirt designs but after this tour, I DO NOT plan on re-printing these!  If you don’t want to miss out on EVER owning one of these T-shirts, Girlie-T’s, Tank Tops or Hoodies (I won’t be getting any more hoodies for a while since they are bulky and expensive for me to stock)  you’ll need to order from my shop in the next week (before May 31st, 2010) before any remaining shirts get shipped off  for the tour!   For further incentive for you guys to grab up these shirts from me, any shirt orders during this week only will be entered in a draw to win your choice of either a signed Ayria Tie or the first ever Ayria “Bicep Band” made by Plastik Wrap and signed of course!!  The draw will happen on June 1st, 2010, winner notified.  So order shirts before they are all gone or everything is shipped off!

Shop Link:  http://www.ayria.com/shop/#merchandise




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Song Dissection #4: Analog Trash

Analog Trash - Header

From the CD: Hearts For Bullets

Music, lyrics & vocals: Jennifer Parkin

Production, mixing, mastering: Sebastian Komor


I’ve got a secret

I’ve been watching you

I know you’re damaged

But I still want you

You’re analog trash

When life is digital

But I prefer you

I think you’re beautiful

Pull back realign

We are flawed by design

Unplug just for fun

Stop before we hurt someone

Standard Uniform

Corporate life has gone too far

Excess Commodity

I want you just for me

This little secret

Gives me something to do

My new obsession

To be like you

You’re analog trash

When life is digital

But I prefer this


Come On, It’s not what you think

Come On, Just come away with me

Come On, There’s so much more to this

Come On, That life you will not miss

The Dissection:

I will make a big statement in saying this is my favourite song off of the “Hearts For Bullets” CD. Although, choosing a favourite song is like choosing a favourite amongst your children I’d assume. I personally felt that this song achieved a light, sexy, fun feeling while still having some darker, grittier elements to it. It combined so many influences and elements of electro that I love, that it became my favourite, but again, that changes monthly depending on my mood. ;)

For me, the word analog makes me specifically think of analog synthesizers! Analog synths have qualities that can’t quite be replicated by digital, and lyrically, this song takes the traits of any analog device, and uses these traits to describe an individual, mainly in the line repeated in the verses: “you’re analog trash, when life is digital. But I prefer this, unreplicatable”.

Here’s a cute picture I found online of “Analog Trash”:

analog trash pic

photo credit: “Analog Retirement” form busted tees

I knew from the beginning I wanted to call this song “Analog Trash”. The biggest decision I had regarding this song was the spelling of the title! In Canada and the UK, it’s actually spelled “Analogue” but I thought the American spelling for “Analog” looked slicker so I, for a moment, abandoned my Canadian roots and went with the Americanization of the word! It’s funny because I was playing a show in Manchester, UK, in December 2009 where I found out that they named their regular club night after my song. The night is called “Analogue Trash” and it made me feel guilty seeing the spelling like that ;)

THE VOCALS: I was so very happy with the vocals of this song. The melodies were simple, sweet and fun. When I sing this song, it actually feels light and sexy to do so. I also felt the vocals had a sophistication and maturity that maybe I hadn’t experimented with in the past, especially how the chorus vocals seem to swell and drag from one phrasing to the next if that makes sense? I love diversity. It’s the key to who I am and what I do. I really hate writing the same song over and over, so I TRY my best not to. Let me tell you though, Its getting tougher after 3 releases.

THE LYRICS: I admit, it’s a bit of a mash of ideas and ends up being kind of abstract, especially in the chorus where each line is more of a statement and could stand on it’s own rather than tell a story. The verses are sung as a secret love song that comes off a bit stalker-esque “I’ve been watching you”. There are some lyrics relating back to the analog vs. digital concept. Being “flawed by design” is a trait of analog that I’ve related to individuals as well. My statement on how our corporate lives and craving for commodity hinders our relationships and life balance. Personally, I was feeling overworked at the time, things were out of whack, and I was trying to find balance while I was working on a career, doing music, and still trying to have a life somehow. I think having the life suffered the most. I wanted my world to “Unplug, just for fun” and I wanted to convince the world around me there had to be more to all this. Again, they are not all completely straightforward lyrics, but they seemed to all flow nicely together while capturing what I was feeling at the time: The bridge just lets loose with: “Come on, just come away with me, come on, there’s so much more to this, Come on, that life you will not miss”.

Here’s another lyric brainstorming mess of purple! This was the messiest song brainstorming I think I’ve ever done so naturally, I wanted to share it! The funny thing is, if you follow the numbers, it’s how the first verse turned out (except for number one happening twice… Ah, beautiful creative chaos!) If you can follow this at all, you should get a prize:

Purple Mess of Lyrics for Analog Trash

Purple Mess of Lyrics for Analog Trash


The music and melodies came to me fairly easily which is not always the case as you’ve seen in a few of the previous dissections where I’ve discussed how some songs need demo after demo, drafted 10 times until it feels right. This song started so simple with just two synth lines going through my analog pattern sequencers in Reason software, a lead and a bass, and what you may notice in this song, is that the bass melody actually never changes through the entire song, maybe not a great song structure trait on my part, but for this song, it really works. To change it up, other synth layers and different percussion come in so the verse and chorus sound different. I wanted the song to stay fairly sparsely programmed, acheiving an overall 80’s-electro feel to it. Here’s my first demo loop of the music that started with the lead and bass synth and introduced a few other layers this loop is the brainstorming so I could start writing and structuring the song from here.


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

My producer, Seb, said this was one of his favourites off the album (between this, and the title track “Hearts For Bullets”). I thought “Analog Trash” turned out so slick. All of the elements pop out at you since there’s not a lot of clutter with only a few layers of music going on at any one time. Also, this song sounds amazing on a dance floor! Pointing out my three favourite contributions by Seb to this song in production: the lead synth that comes in at the one minute mark sounds so gritty, draggy, and added so much to the song, this song also had some of the most amazingly clear vocal production I’ve heard on my voice (listen to it in head phones, the chorus is pure ear candy!), and lastly, the percussion, specifically, those beautiful snares! I’m a total snare freak!! Our biggest heated discussions during production on this whole CD were the snares. I love really loud snares that are short explosive bursts that just punch you in the face. If you listen to this entire CD, you might (NOW) notice how loud and clear the snares are on almost every song… or maybe it’s just me. I think I actually drove Seb crazy with how picky I was. No matter what volume he was going to put the snare, he did it a few DB louder to not have to hear me complain ;)

This clip is for you guys who wanted me to continue sharing the raw vocals, the first clip is the first verse and chorus. Notice there are 2 layers of vocals that come in for the chorus? Those are 2 different vocal recordings which, when layered together create a true “natural chorus” effect. It’s used in a lot of Ayria songs as it ends up sounding so sweet! You’re more likely to have imperfections when doing a chorus this way, when the vocals aren’t sung exactly the same, which they can’t possibly be, but I tend to like some of the little imperfections. It gives it character.. unreplicatable.


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

This second clip is the same vocals in the final produced version of the song:


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

I wanted to share two of my favourite videos of us playing this song live that I’ve come accross:

First it at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles on October 13, 2008. The crowd was so energetic in true L.A. style! I was blown away at the crowd’s reaction in this clip because, I have to point out, Hearts for Bullets had JUST been released, out less than a month, but it seems like it’s an old crowd favourite! The sound quality, as for most of the live videos, isn’t the best, and I get kind of out of breath, but it’s still cool to see. The very end of this video, someone screams so loud and long. It’s ridiculous and I love when crowds are having this much fun (thanks to twistedgraven who posted this video!)

This is November 29, 2008 in the Outback Lodge in Charlottesville, VA. A small and intimate show with a fun crowd. I love it!

(Thanks CompTechMike for posting the video!)

If you don’t own this song, don’t let the guilt consume you! Spend that dollar on iTunes! Or visit my web shop where I personally sign and send you stuff:

I had to start numbering the dissections so that new readers know how far we’ve come and so I can keep track! I’m working on something special for the week of the the 6th dissection which will mean we are pretty much at the half way point in dissecting “Hearts For Bullets”. I also think next week’s dissection will be presented really differently! I found a gem in my archives to share that’s never been seen before, plus I want to shake things up. Some people have asked about possibly continuing on and dissecting a few songs from “Flicker” and “Debris” this is a possibility since I’m having a lot of fun working on these but I won’t promise anything at this point. I have a feeling the next few months are going to get pretty busy with the upcoming U.S. tour and I want to do some tour blogging from the road too!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be celebrating my Birthday this Sunday and I want to ask you for a present: I’d love for you to please share my music with some one who hasn’t yet heard it, or post a link to my web site, or facebook users, please click that little “share” button down on the bottom left corner of the Ayria page. That gift from you, helping to spread my music, would be so much appreciated by me! I promise to post pictures of my disgustingly pink fairytopia cake next week ;)



Previous Song Dissections:

1000 Transmissions

Bad List


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Ayria Style: Meet “Head”


Meet "Head"

This is my giant travelling make up case I’ve named “Head” only it’s not pronounced “head”, you have to say it like Mike Myers’ Scottish Father in the movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer” and pronounce it “Heed!” and usually yell it out! This case contains everything that makes up my head for an Ayria show such as my make up, and hair accessories. Head has had all kinds of  touring adventures. He’s been to Montreal for the Kinetik Festival, he’s driven across Canada, he’s seen the entire U.S.A., been on a tour bus with VNV Nation, and he always gets to hang out backstage. He couldn’t come to Europe last fall unfortunately, I think I’d need to get him a passport or something ;) We had on ongoing joke that I had an actual head inside the case, that already had full hair and makeup that I simply could screw on and replace with my own head for the shows. Creepy, but  funny.

I bought this case for myself last year for my birthday and I know it’s a bit excessive, since there are a lot of things in there I don’t even end up using, but it can hold absolutely everything I need on tour, and it’s great for storage of everything here at home. When I can bring head on the road, I do. It really just depends on how we are travelling and for how long we’ll be away. This is an item you’d only get to see  backstage, so here are some photos of Head in all his colourful, glittering glory:

Ayria's Head #3

Ayria's Head - Travel Make Up Case

Ayria's Head - Face & Hair Bows!

Ayria's Head - Face & Hair Bows!

Ayria's Head - Eyes!

Ayria's Head - Eyes!

Ayria's Head - Travel Make Up Case

Ayria's Head - Travel Make Up Case

Here’s a few pics I could find of Head on the road, here are some backstage shots of Head in New York City (yes, the Ayria dressing room was pink!):

Head in NYC

Head in NYC

Here’s head and I goofing around backstage in Washington D.C.

Jenn & Head hanging out backstage in Washington D.C.

Jenn & Head hanging out backstage in Washington D.C.

And finally, here’s Head and I in Salt Lake City, UT.  I’m obviously looking for Head, who’s hiding near the back.

Jenn & Head in Utah

Jenn & Head in Utah

The weird thing is, I also have a teddy bear named “head” (pronounced the same way) who lives on my bed and has a head too big for his body to ever be able to sit up right! I love plushies with disproportionately large noggins. Here’s my other Head who stays at home while I tour:

Other Head

Other Head

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this silliness!  I thought I’d ease into some make up stuff by first introducing you to make up case Head, the keeper all things colourful needed for a big sparkling head.

Much love ♥


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Song Dissection: 1000 Transmissions

From the CD: Hearts For Bullets

Music programming, lyrics & vocals: Jennifer Parkin

Production, mixing, mastering: Sebastian Komor

This is my first dissection of a song from this release and it happens to be one of the most emotional tracks for me, but I went for it and I’m here bearing my soul about the making of this song to the fans that care, appreciate the music, and wanted to know more :) I don’t go too much into production details here, since that’s better left to Seb, but I do discuss some of the additions, and I do discuss the motivation, lyrics, melodies, some of my favourite parts and share some clips as well as personal memories. I hope you enjoy!


Just when I think it’s getting better, I relapse back to this place where the scenery has changed and it’s terrifying.  How can I go back, when it’s much too late.

Piece by piece, bit by bit, my heart aches and I feel sick.  There’s things you say, and things you can’t. Things you threw away and things you want back.  The fact that I’ve lost you erases all my sanity.  Seriously, how could anyone carry on like this? I’ll never look at things the same because of you.  I’ll never get that moment back I shared with you.

It only hurts when I remember.  I know you’re trying to make it better.

Bit by bit, my heart breaks. Your voice repeats and I can’t take it anymore.  Don’t compromise, save yourself, I’ll always be here. Don’t say goodbye, I’m not through with you. Don’t compromise. Don’t say goodbye. I’ve tried and tried, my head is full of memories and sleepless nights, an endless cycle. I’ve tried and tried but these thoughts just drag me down.

It only hurts when I remember.  I know you’re trying to make it better.

I can not steer this ship without you.  There’s no light guiding me to shore. I’m just left drowning in these nightmares, where will I go? I don’t know.  Let it go. Can’t let you go.  Let it go.

The Dissection:

I wrote this song about 2 months after my dad passed away in 2007 and it was also one of the last songs I had written for Hearts For Bullets.  Out of all the stages of grief, I had just passed the numb and in-denial phase and was in the full blown anger phase after losing him.  A lot of people  have interpreted this song as an angry break up song, and it’s definitely not, but I hope people can, and have used this song however they need to help them deal with their own situations of loss and anger.  The experience of losing my father was one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with and has forever changed me.  Something I haven’t shared with many people about that time, was that I was at the hospital and held my dad’s hand as he passed away in July of 2007.  I have never been the same since that moment.   My life was hell for several months after that and this song  captures the aftermath of being left behind and left to deal with the confusing emotions of grief and loss.  I need to say, I can listen back to this song now and not be overwhelmed.  I’ve long since passed the anger phase, and when I perform it live, I find it a powerful, energetic piece that is actually a lot of fun to play!  I use the anger behind it still, but it comes from a different place within me. If that makes any sense?

I always give the songs I’m working on, random titles until something better comes up or sometimes the working title sticks.  I went through two working titles for this track.  First, was “The God Particle” after watching a documentary on T.V. about the hypothetical particle to explain the origins of all mass in the Universe, ok,  so I thought that sounded pretty cool.  I later found out a few other bands already had songs titled this.. we all must have been watching the discovery channel that day! But it didn’t connect to the song’s content either so I later changed the title to “Alive In Pieces” which, does describe my own state during that period, and to be honest, I can’t remember why I decided to change it from that, but in the end, I decided on something more relevant to my father “1000 Transmissions” came from the fact that my dad’s main hobby (obsession), was operating short wave radios.  In an attempt to further bond with him when I was 18, I studied to get my license as well… so, yes, I’m a licensed shortwave (HAM) radio operator and yes, I always made nerdy jokes about this! ;)

Having shared the theme of this song with you, I really doubt I have to further analyze all of the lyrics as I think they are pretty obvious but I do want to explain a few parts though:

The Bridge:

“I can not steer this ship without you.  There’s no light guiding me to shore. I’m just left drowning in these nightmares, where will I go? I don’t know.  Let it go. Can’t let you go.  Let it go.”

My father loved boats and fishing and we always had some kind of fishing boat that we’d take camping when I was young, out on the waters of Lakes Huron, Ontario or the up to the Ottawa river where we used to go camping.  I wanted to write a boat analogy in the song.  Musically, the reverse piano in the bridge was all Seb’s idea that came in the production stage, it was completely transfomed in production, and I absolutely LOVED the change, and thought it brought much more sadness and needed softness to it.  My demo was much more chaotic and just percussive. The first clip is my rough demo before production so you can see how it was transformed by production:

A rough Demo of the bridge – 1000 Transmissions (before production):


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

Bridge – 1000 Transmissions (after final production):


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

after the bridge, I personally loved the progression of those notes of the bass synth (while I sing “let it go, I can’t let you go”) since when I wrote it, I felt it captured what I felt when I used to listen to 90’s industrial music.  Again, I can’t speak about all the production details that Seb did, but a few things that stand out to me in this track were the added layers of static noise to the full track which thickened up the song, fit the harsher sound, and complimented the “1000 Transmissions” theme.  I honestly gave Seb this demo a bit incomplete since I had no idea how to finish off this song after those notes in the bridge part! I had just hit a wall completely.  He added about a minute to the ending of that song including the last powerful break that I loved:

1000 Tranmissions – break down into outtro:


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

The Chorus:

“It only hurts when I remember.  I know you’re trying to make it better”.  I was, at the time, constantly remembering of course, and the second phrase was directed at the rest of the world and my family who were all trying to help overcome grief as best as they could.  Musically, it’s not my usual style of chorus progression, since it was so simple and short but it summed up everything so perfectly with just a subtle change. It was important to me to mainly keep the driving bass synth and stompy percussion constant until the bridge.


“My head is full of memories and sleepless nights, an endless cycle. I’ve tried and tried but these thoughts just drag me down.”  This describes late 2007 where I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, afraid of dreaming.  Musically, I want to point out that I loved and was surprised by the desperation in my voice in the recording during the: “sleepless nights, an endless cycle” part.  It came out accidentally in the demo before final recording (meaning it was pure emotion) and it reminded me of , again early 90’s style of vocals (think Nine Inch Nails even) which is a cool thing.   The distortion effect adds to the desperation and a tiny moment that Seb added that I adored, is right after the first phrase “Bit by bit, my heart breaks” there is a distorted sound that to me, sounds like a demon saying “LIAR!” it struck me and I sometimes mouth that word when I perform it live. Here’s a clip of the verse so you can hear everything for yourself:

1000_Transmissions_Verse 2:


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

I wanted to point out another very very subtle vocal effect in this verse (since I just love vocoding). If you just listened to the clip of the second verse, there is a second layer of vocals present that are vocoded under the more prominent distorted layer. It’s very quiet but it gives it such a nice thickness. I just found this clip going through my old files and I’m posting it is so you can hear what vocoded vocals sound like on their own:

Vocals: An example of vocoding effect used in 1000 Transmissions:


Can't play embedded media? Click here!

CD Liner Notes:  “This CD is dedicated to my Dad who gave me the gift of music and who I know is still here with me”



Yeah, that’s me and my dad, proving I’ve been wearing pink for years! ;)

So, now that I’ve shared this deeply personal part of my world with you,  and knowing that I’m currently a struggling musician working here in Toronto on my new CD (hint, hint), if you haven’t already, please consider purchasing the CD through my website (I will sign it and include a personalized note for you, etc):

OR please purchase the mp3 of “1000 Transmisions” directly from iTunes for a mere dollar through this link:

Thanks for reading! Not sure which track I’ll dissect next week yet…


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2009: My year in review (Part 1: January – June)

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Here's a few pics of me kicking off 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany having just ended the "Quick Silver" European tour with the Cruxshadows with my keyboardist for the European tour, Justin Pogue (who has also played live with me at DragonCon and a few dates on the 2008 U.S. tour). But I'll write more about that tour in part 2!

I'm going to break the year up a bit and start with the first 6 months. After a 3 month long tour of the U.S.A. with the Cruxshadows finishing up the last quarter of 2008, in comparison, 2009 started relatively quiet, I went back to my real life and full time job in Toronto and basically hibernated for the winter. I made the time to catch up with friends (I had been out of the country for 3 months!), go clubbing and go to shows that came through. Not a lot happened on the Ayria front until April when we played Toronto at the DarkRave on April 4th. So, heres a timeline of my 2009 to recap some of the highlights and some memories of my year.

January/February/March 2009:
- fairly low key period. Went back to work, recovered from the three months of solid touring the U.S.A., had a Battlestar Galactica party for the series finale.. yep.
- Recorded a cover version of Depeche Modes In Your Room. I did a full write up about this last winter and how my actual room inspired me . The write up is complete with pictures of me in my room (sample below), and an mp3 clip of the cover (read here): http://kittenflug.livejournal.com/58788.html

- hung out with friends, went clubbing and went to some shows (Combichrist and The Presets):
Meeting fans at Savage Garden - Clubbing in Toronto

Meeting fans at Savage Garden - Out Clubbing (January, 2009) YAY! Renata

Meeting fans while attending the Combichrist show in February.

Meeting fans while attending the Combichrist show @ the Operahouse in February (hi Lazarus!)


Hanging out before going out to Basement club with my friends (Steph, Alana, Joe & I - January)

April 2009
- Ayrias first show of 2009 and its a hometown show in Toronto at the Dark Rave:

- Theres a link to several great shots from this show linked here (credit: Dylar Pillar):

Here's some pics after the show with friends (left to right: Steph, Matt and Lukas)

May 2009
- My birthday kicks off this month, my favourite of all months. I had a Hello Kitty themed party with custom made hello kitty cupcakes, kitty dcor and temporary tattoos and grab boxes (sigh, I will never grow up!)



Went for drinks, me showing off my new pink sharpies ;)

me styling it up with some kind of kitty-tini beverage ;)

- Kinetik Festival (May 14th): My drummer Mike had made the trip up to Toronto and from there, we (complete with both keyboard players Joe and Jeff) made the trip to Montreal for our appearance at the Kinetik Festival. Saw tons of friends old and new and as always, I love hanging out in Montreal! My friend Stephanie "Blepharisma" put together an awesome promotional video for me to promote our performance at Kinetik. I'm attempting some kind of dance in it...

- I also did a promotional photo shoot with the talented Alas Vera showing off my Plastik Wrap clothing, new pink hair with a hint of New Orleans. Here's a link to all 10 shots:

I really wish I had pictures of the perfomance showing all 4 members up on stage but sadly I don't. I also wish I had more pics of just haning out with friends from that weekend but I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures while on tours and at shows so I'm often relying on others to take pictures and share them with me!

- Kicked off the Ayria Canadian tour hitting London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton & Calgary taking us into June:

Hanging out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on a beautiful day in early June.

Me with a polar bear in Winnepeg, Manitoba

June 2009
- Returned from the Canadian tour on June 8th, had to work for 2 weeks while simultaneously preparing for departure to Los Angeles to start the VNV Nation Faith Power and Glory Tour as a support act.. much fun ensued.. but that will be in Part 2.

If you have any decent pictures from July-December 2009 you want to share, or to be included in the upcoming blog, please send pics or a link to jennifer@ayria.com

Put it down, put it down

Upcoming European Tour with The Cruxshadows (November & December 2009)

I've only been back for a week after touring Europe with the always amazing VNV Nation (and the completely insane Straftanz). I haven't really even had time to recap how awesome it was to be on tour with those guys (<3) and how much we all loved the shows in the UK, Holland, Belgium and Greece! Now, I'm already preparing to leave for Germany again! I'll be flying back into Hamburg two weeks from today to embark on my next European adventure supporting The Cruxshadows! I've toured with them extensively in the U.S.A. in 2007/2008 so it seems fitting to make the journey together over the Atlantic this time. I'm very excited for this upcoming tour, and hope my European friends and fans can make it out to a gig to support and say hi to me! It isn't often that I get to Europe (before this year, we made it over in 2007 for a short tour with Angelspit and Ego Likeness) so come out and please share these tour dates with all of your friends! NOTE: if you saw us last month, our set length will be longer on this tour so we'll be playing more songs!

Tickets for German dates only: www.ticket69.de (check the local venues for other ticketing information)
The Cruxshadows Pages:

The Cruxshadows & Ayria
(Presented by Sonic Seducer & musix)

20 Nov 2009 Dresden, Germany Strasse E
21 Nov 2009 Magdeburg, Germany Factory
22 Nov 2009 Bremen, Germany Tivoli
24 Nov 2009 Osnabrck, Germany Lagerhalle
25 Nov 2009 Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos Saal
27 Nov 2009 Sheffield, United Kingdom Corporation
29 Nov 2009 Leeds, United Kingdom The Cockpit
30 Nov 2009 York, United Kingdom York Fibbers
1 Dec 2009 Sunderland, United Kingdom Independent
2 Dec 2009 Liverpool, United Kingdom Masque
3 Dec 2009 Manchester, United Kingdom Moholive 1
4 Dec 2009 Birmingham, United Kingdom Eddies Rock Club
5 Dec 2009 London, United Kingdom O2 Academy Islington
8 Dec 2009 Nrnberg, Germany Der Hirsch
11 Dec 2009 Rome, Italy Black Out Club
12 Dec 2009 Florence, Italy Siddhartha
15 Dec 2009 Zrich, Switzerland Abart
18 Dec 2009 Saarbrcken, Germany Festhalle Saarbrcken-Brebach
19 Dec 2009 Leipzig, Germany Theaterfabrik
20 Dec 2009 Erfurt, Germany Centrum
21 Dec 2009 Berlin, Germany K17
22 Dec 2009 Hannover, Germany MusikZentrum
23 Dec 2009 Hamburg, Germany Logo
28 Dec 2009 Bruchsal, Germany Fabrik Bruchsal
29 Dec 2009 (New Date!) Dortmund, Germany FZW
30 Dec 2009 Regensburg, Germany Alte Mlzerei

(More dates to be added)

Memories: December 2008 with The Cruxshadows, Ayria & I:Scintilla in Atlanta, GA

[caption id="attachment_548" align="alignleft" width="435" caption="The Cruxshadows, Ayria, I:Scintilla in Atlanta, GA, December 2008"]The Cruxshadows, Ayria, I:Scintilla in Atlanta, GA, December 2008[/caption]